The preschooler speaks.

Over dinner, we were talking about the school uniform at the lad’s new school – the one he’ll be transferring to when we move.

“It’s blue pants and a golden shirt”, he told Daddy, having observed the kids wearing this when we went for an orientation visit.

“Some of the kids were wearing skirts, and some of them were wearing pants, weren’t they?”, I said.

“Oh, yes”, he said, “The girls were wearing skirts.”

Shrug, I said, “You could wear a skirt if you wanted to.”, offhand-like, and wondering how he would react.

Frown, he said, thinking. “But – but – that would not be very – useful.”

Out of the mouths of four-year-olds.

[1] The official uniform listing has girls with the option of either skirts or shorts or tracksuit pants, though only shorts/trackies are listed as options for boys. The shirts are the same, polo or T shirts.

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  1. Ooooh boy. I think that all schools should have non-gendered uniforms, period. Grrr.

  2. Hahaha good on you, lauredhel.

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