Recovery day

We had a quiet day today except for meeting up with all the togster’s chums from Rock Eisteddfod in the morning to unpack the trucks and do the communal gloat. What a night we had last night! We didn’t get… Read More ›

Good luck, Janet.

Kids lose out when dad works long hours EMPLOYERS should help fathers leave work early to spend quality time with their children, a parenting expert says. Janet Cater believes disruptive and difficult children often feel abandoned by fathers who work… Read More ›

Saturday Stuff.

What I’m reading: Canada’s Chronicle Herald reports that Jenny Dionne paid a cover charge at her regular bar the Dome, had one drink, then nipped out for a smoke. She was refused re-entry under the “No Fat Chicks” rule.… Read More ›

She’s a floorwaxer and a dessert topping!

Unilever, Unilever, Unilever. The company that brought us the marketing triumphs of Slimfast formula for fatties, and Lynx/Axe perfumed men’s body products. Now Unilever had rebranded hair-product range Suave for the noughties, with their “Pretty Mommy Movement” (retch). The catchphrases?… Read More ›

So, is it OK?

crossposted at Feministe Jessica, Amanda, Twisty and Violet Socks (and Melissa too!)have all written about this article: Is it OK to Demand Anal Sex?. The picture accompanying the article is odiously twee and threatening simultaneously, and as virtually every respondent… Read More ›