Saturday Stuff.

What I’m reading:

Canada’s Chronicle Herald reports that Jenny Dionne paid a cover charge at her regular bar the Dome, had one drink, then nipped out for a smoke. She was refused re-entry under the “No Fat Chicks” rule. reports on “Female Fever”, the phenomenon whereby corporations have only just now discovered, to their jaw-dropping surprise, that Women buy Stuff. Apparently marketing to women involves a nauseating bubblegum paintjob on anything that isn’t nailed down, low-calorie pizza, sweetened fruit-flavoured vitamin-laden beer, drinks that double as cosmeceuticals and aphrodisiacs, and hairdressers and makeup artists at the beach. Is it just me, or is this a concerted effort to suck all the fun out of life, and make us pay for it?

What I’m doing:

I’m hooked on Scrabulous. You’re welcome to join me – I use my blogname on Facebook, so I should be easy to find.

We’ve been playing with a Tracktown Railway set today. Could there be anything funner? The entire concept of a toy library rocks as nothing has rocked before.

What I’m watching:

A Youtuber took daily photos of Bodie the Labrador as he grew from age 7 weeks to 6 months.

And it’s an oldie but a goodie: I rewatched the Laughing Quads video, just to see how my kid would react. He laughed at first, then started to look a little discombobulated.

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  1. YOu mean an actual physical railway set, not even on the internetz??!

  2. YOu mean an actual physical railway set, not even on the internetz??!

    I know, right?

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