Friday fun: A day at home

The lad’s not quite 100% today, and we’ve kicked back at home with some movies, popcorn, and a box of drawing tools. He decided to draw a pageful of “monsters”. And here it is.

Caption by the lad:

“A scary monster with long Grinchy claws,
An eleven-legged spider with a red back,
A mummy. The kind that is wrapped in bandages, not you,
A three-eyed horse bee,
A tiny mouse-creature. Whenever a mouse sees him, he gets scared and he runs away. And that little spot in him is his bones,
And a ghost.”

Detail (with a little photomanipulation):

I like them all, but it’s hard to escape the fact that the mummy is particularly awesome.

[ETA] Two more from this morning, this time in acrylic paints. (click for larger version)

A tiger

A walrus on a beach

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  1. Awesome mummy. I like the three-eyed horse bee though. It reminds me of the rocking-horse fly. Ronald Searle eat your heart out. Had my elder young’un home yesterday with odd semicircular canal virusy thing.

  2. I had the tigling at home on Wednesday, and she also drew. I’ll see if she’ll let me scan a few of her latest. She’s into dragons at the mo.

  3. Yes, an awesome mummy. My sister has an order in already for a wolf mummy for when I go to Egypt. Mummies rock (both kinds).

  4. The mummy is quite fantastic.

  5. A Walrus! Lovely. We need a new verse of “Favourite things”. Walrus(pl.) on beaches and tigers with whiskers, three eyed horse-bees and hmmm hmmm hmmm hmm. Don’t worry I could never remember the original either. My son draws endless pictures of ceiling fans and radio towers so I’m not sure we can help out rhyme-wise.

  6. Interesting! My lad loves making machines out of Lego (and forks, and and his body), but rarely draws them – it’s all animals, landscapes and people in his art world. But he is frequently a robot or some other type of machine. I blogged this in my personal blog a while back:
    “Bedtime thoughts”
    [As we finished up playing an “Escape” game]
    “OK, I have to take my Escapes battery out now.
    *makes twiddling movement around temple*
    “I’m putting in my Asleep battery. Clunk!”
    [fan was a bit rattly]
    “Mummy? I wish we had a fan-calming-down button. Don’t you?”
    [time passes]
    “Mummy? I bet that chicken I ate for dinner is working its way down my stomach.”
    [time passes]
    “Mummy? I think my Asleep battery was unloose. I better tighten it up.”
    [makes further twiddling movement around temple*
    “Clunk! That’s better.”
    [yawns, passes out]

  7. Isn’t it funny the way they preface everything they say with “Mummy”, or in my case “mum”?
    is it because they know mums are so preoccupied so they cleverly use this verbal trick to get our attention before the actual content of what they were saying? Like dog training: we were taught to say (name), (instruction!) otherwise we wouldn’t get the critter’s attention.
    Little boys are da shit, I reckon. they’re a bunch of little Alfred Jarrys; they take you into a surreal world of rampant imagination. I love them.

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