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You won’t be surprised to hear…

[Potential Trigger warning] … that a study has just discovered that rapists don’t usually have rapist tattoed on their forehead.  THE typical rapist is a charmer, not a misfit, new research shows. He is talkative, engaging and employed in a… Read More ›

Review: Radical Act

Radical Act, a documentary by Tex Clark, was filmed back in 1995 and is about the queer/feminist music scene in the USA at that time. The documentary is simple but endearing – Clark interviewed female musicians and music journalists about… Read More ›

Strange behaviour


This woman was 14 years old when her own daughter was born. She is 27 years old now.

Her daughter is 13 years old and has been sexually assaulted by her grandfather. (It is quite possible that the grandfather is also this woman’s father – you can’t tell from the limited information available).

It is a pretty safe bet that this woman has been through a lot recently.

Sexting and Slut-Shaming

Announcing the release of this particular video, he commented “The launch of this new video comes on White Balloon Day – a time to break the silence on child sexual assault and raise awareness that child safety is everyone’s responsibility.”

Everyone’s responsibility. Everyone’s. Shall we take a quick peek at the video in question?