Marriage Equality Rally in Sydney — November 27th

Post made sticky on the front page because the march is this weekend!

ETA, 26/11/10: At the moment, I’m not sure who is going to turn up, but nonetheless, I will still be sticking to the plan outlined below — I’ll be at Cafe Rosso from 11:30am, and will mosey over to Town Hall at about 12:45pm. For those of you who haven’t met me before, I’ll be carrying the sign used as the image for this post. The predicted temperature for tomorrow is 28 degrees celcius, so don’t forget hats, sunscreen and water!


On Saturday November 27th, I’ll be attending the Rally for Marriage Equality in Sydney — it starts at 1pm, at Town Hall, and involves a short march. Support for marriage equality is growing every day in Australia, and more and more politicians from both major parties are openly supporting a conscience vote on the issue. If this rally is accessible to you, it’s a great time to make your voice heard.

If we get a group to go along, we’ll probably do the same as last year — we can meet at Cafe Rosso, on the ground floor of the Galleries Victoria in George Street, from about 11:30am onwards, which will allow us time for brunch/early lunch. Afterwards, if people feel up for it, we can head to the pub for refreshments.

For those of you wondering about accessibility, please take a look at my post on last year’s November rally, which includes an accessibility report. Regarding Cafe Rosso — there are no toilets on the ground floor of the Galleries Victoria, but there are toilets on the first floor, which are accessible by escalator and by lift.

Please let me know if you’d like to join me in comments.

A Note On Rallies In Other Cities: A number of other cities in Australia are holding their marriage equality rallies this Saturday, November 20th, which is the Transgender Day of Rememberance, and many people are rightly concerned that this contributes to rendering transpeople invisible. If you do choose to attend one of these rallies, please consider bringing along a sign that acknowledges the Transgender Day of Rememberance.

ETA: Rebecca, in comments, informs us that Sally Goldner, of Transgender Victoria, will be speaking at the Melbourne Rally on the 20th, which will include a minute’s silence to honour the memories of transpeople who have lost their lives to transphobia.

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  1. I’m not yet sure if we are free that day and will post back later.
    Good point re the timing of the march. I know in the USA there is feeling that the push for marriage equality has been done very much at the expense of more life or death trans issues, and I don’t know if there has been anything similar in Australia.
    I think you have the name of TDOR a bit wrong. I’ve often seen it abbreviated as TDOR or #TDOR on Twitter and had in my head Transgender Day of Remembrance. Google brought up which seems to be the international website, where it is called International Transgender Day of Remembrance. There were also some sites using Trans* Day of Remembrance and TransGender Day of Remembrance.
    (N.B. I’ve previously posted here – occasionally – under a different name, but wanted to start posting in line with my Twitter handle which a number of readers here will recognise. As I don’t want Google to link the identities, I won’t write here what my previous posts were under – but there were really very few of them.)

  2. I’m not sure if I’m game to give it another go after how horribly ill I was last time! 😉
    Silliness aside, I’d love to be there and we’ll do our best to make it. It’s supposed to be my get the Christmas shopping done day, but I’m going to try and do most of it online and we can probably finish a little off in the city anyway.

  3. I’m friends with the one of the founders of Transgender Victoria. Sally Goldner has been asked to speak at the Equal Marriage Rally by the conveners as it is International Trans Remembrance Day. Sally is very happy that the rally organisers acknowledge that the day has special significance for other LGBTIQ members and that they have invited her to speak. She will be calling for a minutes silence to remember those who are no longer with us.

  4. @RobynCoopstock: Thanks for the heads up; I’ve changed the terminology in the post. I hope you can make it on the 27ths.
    @mimbles: I wouldn’t blame you if your experience from last year put you off, but I’m happy to hear that you’ll try to make it anyway. I hope that this year, we get a cooler day (about 23 degrees and partly cloudy is good rally weather, methinks).
    @Rebecca: Thanks for letting me know; it’s great to hear that the two causes will be working in tandem in Melbourne — I’ve amended the post accordingly.

  5. Sorry, Beppie, I need to change my maybe into a no. I’ve got presumably temporary foot trouble that just isn’t clearing up and the school run is knocking me for six at the moment – I fear I’d hurt myself at the march.
    I’ll use the time to write a Christmas card to my lovely local member and raise the issue. He’s already had a Get Up form email from me recently but he’ll notice a card more, I think.
    Let’s hope there is no need for a next march, but realistically I’ll probably see you next time this comes around.

  6. Sorry to hear that Robyn, but it’s quite understandable! I hope your foot gets better soon.

  7. Looking at both the forecast and my general health, I’m not going to make a midday rally.
    I hope those who do attend have a wonderful day.

  8. Sorry Beppie, I’m bailing too. I’ve got one sick kid and a huge pile of Stuff To Do this weekend. Self-care and family-care dictates a weekend at home.

  9. No worries, Mimbles.
    Just for any lurkers who might be reading this, I WILL still be there. 🙂

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