It’s ages since we’ve blogged about True Blood

I’ve loved every moment Fiona Shaw is on-screen as Marnie, although it wasn’t until I googled her bio right now that it finally clicked that why I knew her face so well was because Petunia Dursley. I also learnt that she’s just about to direct The Marriage of Figaro with the English National Opera. Versatility: you have it by the bucketsful, Ms Shaw.

It must have ridden up with wear

Outraged opposition MPs debated the merits of At Home With Julia in a party room meeting today, with Nationals MP John Forrest urging the return of tasteful comedy shows such as the 1970s series Are You Being Served?.

At Home With Julia: meh

It’s hard enough to write a sitcom when you don’t have to worry about the potential for defamation issues and being overtaken by news developments between filming and airing. I have no idea why somebody thought that it was a great idea to shackle their sitcom with such stultifying constraints.