Monday Morning Torchwood Thread

So who else caught the first episode of Miracle Day over the weekend?

a screencap from Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 1 - Gwen Cooper is aiming a bazooka at something in a very determined fashion while Captain Jack looks on

Gwen Cooper is taking aim with this bazooka
even Captain Jack looks nervous

Hurrah for kickarse Gwen Cooper (and thank FSM that unlike the poor American female secret agents and emergency/ICU doctors, she wasn’t expected to run around doing her job in ludicrously inappropriate skyscraper heels).

(Addendum) NB: it doesn’t air in the UK until Thursday night, so be spoiler-aware in comments, please.

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  1. I liked it – Gwen kicked ass, even before the bazooka incident. Jack wasn’t doing much this episode except being mysterious. Didn’t really care for the Bill Pullman character. Still setting the scene, but big things ahead from the “this season” snapshots at the end. I just hope the reveal on who is behind it all doesn’t suck.

  2. Agreed about the skyscraper heels. What was with that? They weren’t just high heels, they were ridiculous heels.

  3. I wouldn’t say Jack looks nervous, more turned on. But then, that’s what he pretty much always looks like.
    I found the episode a bit unfocused, more like the first ep in a new series than an ep in a continuing one. But given that they killed off nearly all characters in the previous season (which was Bad! Bad, I tell you! Bad!), I guess that’s pretty much what it is.

  4. It was a weird contrast, with Gwen running around in jeans and shirts and poor Dr Juarez and Esther barely able to move. I’m hoping Dr Juarez got to wear flats in the scene where she’s in her scrubs, but you can’t actually see her feet.

  5. @Jenny – I agree. I didn’t feel very connected with the story in this episode, it did feel like starting all over.

  6. It sorta is starting over, because it’s tailored specifically for the US audience this time around, so RTD is not quite actually rebooting it, but he is introducing the (surviving) characters anew.
    Given that, I understand why it didn’t just jump in to the storyline in a more normal “hey, new season!” way.

  7. You saw it already? It’s not on till Thursday here. (We are getting some radio plays in the meantime though.)

    • Well there’s a change for the books! It was being advertised (on cable here on UK-TV) as “fast-tracked” but I didn’t realise we were actually getting it ahead of the UK. I guess that’s to do with STARZ US-cable channel being the primary financers, and their cable-network sharing model. Is it going out on the Beeb or on ITV this time around?
      (Also, we’ve been pretty good re spoilers, referring mostly to stuff seen in the trailer/promo reels, but I might add something more explicit on spoilers to the post too.)

  8. Thanks for the spoiler warning. I’ll come back to read the comments after I see the episode.
    Meanwhile, the radio plays are or will be on the BBC Radio 4 site under the heading of Afternoon Play. The podcasts are only available in the UK but I think iPlayer streaming is unlocked. They’re set before Children of Earth, at least the 2 I’ve heard so far are.

  9. Alien Tea made this comment in the latest Otterday: I’m moving it over here because [SPOILERS!]

    Anyone else watch torchwood this weekend?
    I appreciated that there weren’t as many gay jokes as the previous episode, and the one there was was more making fun of homophobics.
    I also appropriated that the rapist/murderer was finally not portrayed as though we should give him sympathy. Sort of. That part of the story still makes me a little uneasy. Jack exposed him to the audience as a horrible, horrible person, but then we were also shown “ignorant white trash” (classism anyone?) who wanted to beat him up and police actually beating him up when he hadn’t done anything wrong (that day)… hmm
    Anyway, I think it’s slowly improving, and there might be hope for the season yet. This one has been slow to get going and get exciting compared to children of earth. Gwen is great, but I wonder when they’ll stop babying the American audience along with all the references to the differences between Britain and America.

    • Anyway, I think it’s slowly improving, and there might be hope for the season yet.

      That’s about where I am. The huge thing I think this is missing is the sense of fun of the original Torchwood seasons. I get that both Children of Earth and Miracle Day are darker as well as longer arc stories, but I miss the defiant bantering of the original ensemble. Even when they’re getting their jollies they’re desperately earnest about it.

  10. Thanks

  11. Pissed off that a POC died first. I shouldn’t be surprised, but it is frustrating.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if referencing that trope wasn’t one of RTD’s irony touches, seeing as the character’s not *really* dead? But he’s sometimes a bit hamfisted with his irony, is RTD.

  12. Yeah, this whole ‘ironic’ thing irritates me a bit. I think Lauredhel (?) did something on it a while ago which really struck a chord. If it is so “ironic” that people don’t get that you are being ironic and think you are serious perhaps then you have failed? As I recall it was in relation to *I’ve gone blank, can see his face, won’t the real Slim Shady please stand up*. While I don’t think there is a direct comparison between him and RTD maybe RTD could stand back for a minute and look again at what people who aren’t switched on to irony and TV tropes might be seeing.

  13. tigtog – it may have been ironic when Rex was in the car accident – and should’ve died but didn’t. But I didn’t see any irony in the “death” of the last ep.
    Besides that, isn’t it kind of gross to kill off a character who is a POC in order to make an ironic statement? Especially since there are already enough POC who are shown to be disposable plot-devices f in TV and movies all the damn time.
    I just found that part of the ep. really disappointing.

  14. @alientea, I thought you were talking about Rex’s first should-have-been-a-death. You appear to be well ahead of me and into spoiler territory, so we’re talking about different things.

  15. Yikes – sorry!
    Let me know what you think when you catch up.

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