Quicklink: Gaga disappoints the dudes

News With Nipples shows us extracts from a few music industry dudes who found her dressing up as a man for an awards ceremony disturbingly unsexy (although they danced around the S-word):

LADY Gaga prompted many jaws to drop during the MTV Video Music Awards when she channeled her foul-mouthed, whiskey-drinking, chain-smoking male alter ego, Jo Calderone, onstage and even in the restroom.

Oh, a lady dressed as a man is TAKING IT TOO FAR. I see. I guess when she’s dressed as a man then we don’t get glimpses of boobies. Or something. Too far man, too far.

One dude even pontificates that not catering to dudely wishes for “tasteful” and “classy” sexybabeness is not what an audience of young girls wants to see.

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5 replies

  1. Ahh I see so she can wear a meat dress and perform in a wheel chair but dressing up as a man! Wooooowwwww

  2. Word of the day, “sexybabeness”.
    Never thought much of Gaga. Kind of like Peaches, except more palatable to the mainstream in terms of music and appearance.
    I could bet that all the outrage is confected. Not the actual words, they likely belong to the authors, but I can imagine some music industry marketing people making a few calls to get a “controversy” rolling.

  3. As far as I’m concerned, she can disappoint the dudes all she likes 😉 Also, yes to the serious point of this and NWN’s post!

  4. I’d be very disappointed if refraining from disappointing dudes was her aim in life.

  5. But the whole *purpose* of women is to be sexy for het dudes… and dudes aren’t sexy… OMG what was she THINKING!

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