It must have ridden up with wear

This afternoon’s Orstrayan (emphasis added):

Outraged opposition MPs debated the merits of At Home With Julia in a party room meeting today, with Nationals MP John Forrest urging the return of tasteful comedy shows such as the 1970s series Are You Being Served?.

Just in case you didn’t quite catch that:
inigo montoya from The Princess Bride

tasteful comedy shows such as the 1970s series Are You Being Served?

I’ve never heard of anyone describing AYBS as “tasteful” before. John Forrest, your mind must be a very interesting place.

See previous discussion of the sitcom featuring the private life of PM Julia Gillard.

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  1. You mean she wasn’t talking about her cat? *horror*
    Actually that reminds me of a story that may be apocryphal – an old lady took her cat to the vet because it was getting very fat and didn’t want to move much and kept hiding itself away in her wardrobe. The vet carefully examined the cat and announced that it was expecting kittens. ‘But she’s an inside cat’, the lady exclaimed, ‘she never goes outside or mixes with the neighbourhood cats.’ ‘Do you have any other cats?’ enquired the vet. ‘Yes’, said the lady, ‘I have George’. ‘Well’, said the vet, ‘there you go’. ‘But, but, George is her brother! He wouldn’t do something like that!’ said the horrified old lady. She probably thought Mrs Slocombe was talking about her cat too.

  2. It is a wonder he also didn’t cite ‘On the Buses’ as tasteful and desirable reading. Sigh.

  3. Or, god help us, Love Thy Neighbour!

  4. Ah, “The Princess Bride” for the win, excellent. 🙂

  5. The thing I like about John Forrest is he’s the National’s Member for Mallee. I think everyone in a rural electorate should have a last name like ‘Forrest’.

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