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BFTP: Popularity of long-debunked rape myths: talk about disheartening

Sites aimed at rape prevention should do a better job of checking their facts if they really want to help women and other potential rape victims: parroting long-debunked factoids does more harm than good.

This is a repost: originally published in 2008. Over the last week it’s suddenly started getting first dozens and now hundreds of views per day. Since the original post’s comments were closed long ago, please comment here if you have something to say.

BFTP: The myth of bra burning feminists

In 1968, some activists demonstrated against the Miss America beauty pageant and threw objects of “female oppression” – bras, high-heeled shoes, girdles, curlers – into a trash can. They were arguing about liberation – there was never any bra-burning – but the myth of the feminist as a bra-burner was created by the western media. There was also a crucial word missed in the description of the trashed bras.

Today in petty irritations

I choose my radio station in the car for its mix of mostly music and very few ads. Which is why it was most irritating, in the short space of listening time involved in the train station run, to hear today’s host…

“What do the gorgons represent?”

Today’s school holidays lazyblogging draws on our referrer logs. I’ve edited out those without both hands on the keyboard, which leaves very little, percentage-wise. Here’s a sampling of search terms used by this week’s googlers. very fantastic hairy women with… Read More ›