Today in petty irritations

I choose my radio station in the car for its mix of mostly music and very few ads. Which is why it was most irritating, in the short space of listening time involved in the train station run, to hear today’s host uncritically accept a guest’s repetition of the “NASA spent billions on a zero-gravity pen” urban myth, and not very long afterwards make an elementary confusion between income and wealth when responding to his co-host talking about some information on the ATO website aimed at people controlling more than $30 million worth of assets.

This does not relax me in preparation for a busy day, kthxbai.

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  1. Three letters for you: ABC. No ads, and only reliable news and current affairs. I mostly listen to 702Sydney, but also to Radio National and NewsRadio on occasion.

  2. But I want the music for the morning run. I like this station’s music very much, and it’s community radio, so the ads are not at all horrible.
    ABC in the morning means the distinct possibility of Fran Kelly, even when avoiding RN Breakfast, and I can’t be having with that.

  3. Petty irritations, blerk!
    I’m starting to think it’s troll day. (Some major irritations just saw me leave a forum after telling them what I thought of their bigoted, hate-filled little internet bubble)
    Almost a shame it’s illegal to use your phone whilst driving, you could have called in & corrected the misinformation.

  4. Gods, listening to Auntie being a guarantee of reliable news? I think not, Auntie’s Radio National is where I’ve heard some of the most ableist and erasing horseshit this side of troll comments on PWD blogs.
    Some form of music player isn’t an option, tigtog? I like music on my morning commute too, but can’t bear the sampled horrors and covers calling themselves original music that take up 50% of radio these days. So I make my own playlist with my phone/music player.

    • Some form of music player isn’t an option, tigtog?

      It hardly seems worth it for ten minutes dropping mr tog off at the station and coming home again. Besides, I like the unusual music they generally come up with on this station.

  5. While it’s not as jerky as ableism by a long way, Radio National is also almost uniformly annoying in their tech coverage. They tend to set up a false dichotomy between the most extreme techno-utopian they can find, and a moderate, nuanced tech critic.
    Techno-utopian A: in Silicon Valley, we believe that the Internet has obtained deity status! We are trans-human! We are the high priests of the technological future! Join us! Join us!
    Tech critic B: Technology certainly has some value, why, I myself have a Facebook page and communicated with my great aunt just today. I’m not anti-progress. But it’s not the solution to every problem in the world.
    RN announcer: Very interesting perspectives from representative technology professional A and tech critic B. I have to admit I myself have some sneaking sympathies with tech critic B. Ahahaha, we’re so old-fashioned here on Radio National, aren’t we?

  6. I love me my Eastside FM. Feel very spoilt that I can have a jazz channel in this wilderness. (Unless that was the station that made you cross?)

    • No, it wasn’t, and I don’t want to bag them too hard because generally I lurves them. Just two hits like that in ten minutes got me irritable.

  7. I quite like Fran Kelly Tigtog. But my station of choice would be the local one, 702Sydney, where intelligent people discuss issues intelligently. Usually. Nothing’s perfect.
    And I think I’ve just remembered why I pretty much never comment here. ::sigh::

  8. This post was about *petty* irritations, M-H. I’m not surprised that people have shared their own petty irritations in response.
    I often listen to 702 at other times of the day. It’s just not my breakfast time choice.

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