“What do the gorgons represent?”

Today’s school holidays lazyblogging draws on our referrer logs. I’ve edited out those without both hands on the keyboard, which leaves very little, percentage-wise. Here’s a sampling of search terms used by this week’s googlers.

very fantastic hairy women with very hairy legs
stupid bloggers
laser screwdriver
jim beam sexist ads
something repellent about being made of meat

can you have over 100 percent
bambi urban legend
stuffed head
good thing about pennsylvania
god is seriously ill, misogynist

make the world a better place
no-one can hear me
invisible man rape
ridiculous clothing

helen mirren tattoo
Canine yawning
insurance for disability is watching you
alice springs needs lots of lifeguards
drunkwomen first

billy the cocker spaniel
catching flies with honey
thick froth in cappucinos
caesarian section rates
mystery pua website

what to do in far north queensland
aussie big brother scandal
sneering at housewives
coloured pictures of geneva oath for doctors
“running, lots of running” Dr. Who

how to repair scolding burns
battlestar galactica feminist
gastroenteritis how long does the bug last
diagram of foot
RU486 Australia

olympics for physically handicapped people
corporate child care
volleyball uniforms
help make the world a better place
grace hopper debunk

One inquiring reader leaves us with a question to contemplate:

what do the gorgons represent?

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  1. Gosh. I hope the answer to “what to do in far north Queensland” is “get a Helen Mirren tattoo”.

  2. The gorgons? They represent underworld electorates. Members for Hades Upper, IIRC.

    drunkwomen first

    From my experience of the late-night bus, that’s a very wise idea. You might get knocked over otherwise.

  3. Does a tongue-lashing give you scolding burns?

  4. I think you should pick out all the ones with five or seven syllables and rearrange them into haiku.

  5. Either that or a stuffed head, lilacsigil.

  6. very fantastic hairy women with very hairy legs
    OKay, I kinda really like this one. Between that and the two “(help) make the world a better place” ones, I’m feeling rather warm an fuzzy, now. (Unless that’s just the coffee.)

  7. How did you figure this out? Some web software I’d immagine. What is it?

  8. Gorgons of course represent mean women who go around tying up children and hitting them with canes. They also make for good video game monsters as well.

  9. Being that my blogname contains the word ‘fuck’, most of the searches people find me by turn my stomach in a bad way. But today I got found care of a search that went ‘fuck is a most functional word’. I like this both because I agree, and because I like the contrast of the politely formal ‘most functional’ description…and ‘fuck’.
    fuckpolitenesss last blog post..Feel free to kick yourself in the balls

  10. Following Pavlov’s Cat’s suggestion:

    laser screwdriver
    how to repair scolding burns
    diagram of foot

  11. Brad: some webhosts will do it for you, or you can use third-party solutions like statcounter or sitemeter.

  12. I kind of like “canine yawning” turning up in there. Perhaps dogs are bored by feminist blogging? I know my darling Tink is not as much of an activist as I tried to raise her to be.

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