Damn, should have taken the kids to the beach yesterday

Not to swim, though. Just to look at the big, huge swell that came around Sydney beaches due to a concentrated low pressure zone further south. And at the mad bastards out riding it.

SMH Photo: Dallas Kilponen

A photo gallery of yesterday’s big waves

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  1. I can’t pass up the opportunity to comment on a surf photo (after all, I was myself a goofy-foot back in the day, and can appreciate a wide open frontside big wave – of course the biggest I had the nerve for was 5-6ft. in Southern California and I was much younger). Killer surf!

  2. Our surf is usually much more moderate, DoC. We get good surf, but not scary surf, as an everyday thing. This surf is becoming a bit more common with weather disturbances, but it’s still a spectacular occasion.

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