Would you buy a used headline from this woman?

You just know there’s dwarves buried under her patio, don’t you?

What was the wardrobe department at Ten thinking? Watch out for warty old ladies with apples, Sandra.

And in my defence, I was only watching Ten because Ross Noble was on Rove, so we braved the barrage of ads. When we saw the promos for the late night news, I just had to wait and see whether those red sleeves actually were puffy. Yes, they are – it might be an understated noughties puff, but I know a puffy sleeve when I see a puffy sleeve.

I once loved dresses like this one, but I had an excuse: it was the ’80s.

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  1. From her bio:”Her passion for politics lead her to host the 1996 Federal Election.”She HOSTED the FEDERAL ELECTION?!Color me impressed.

  2. Well, it was only our Federal Election – she didn’t have to cater for as many as if she’d hosted yours.That bio’s a lot more puffed up than those sleeves, isn’t it? For some reason a few years ago, Ten started promoting the hell out of this woman – there were all these ‘Sandra Sully presents’ nature docos (just her top and tailing someone else’s doco, natch) and she kept on popping up in all sorts of strange places for a newsreader.She seems a nice enough woman, but I don’t think she’s actually got quite enough charisma for whatever Ten’s trying to position her as.

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