Month: May 2006

Recommended Reading

I’ve been busy catching up on some favorite blogs the last few days: Larvatus Prodeo has long discussion threads Discrimination and Same-Sex Marriage, the growing “pro-life” activism in the USA against the provision of contraception (Pro-choice, pro-sex? Who’s afraid of… Read More ›

Spin that Beaconsfield backlash

I expected the various criticisms of AWU federal secretary Bill Shorten, whose savvy media performance at Beaconsfield was too slick by half for the composure of many people, even some of my fellow lefties. The right is busy painting him… Read More ›

Read it

March by Geraldine Brooks. The adventures and travails of Mr March, father of Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy during the year that the events of Little Women take place, and the memories of times past that led him to be… Read More ›

Still high from the rescue

The Australian Treasurer Peter Costello delivered his annual Budget Speech last night, which by all accounts panders to just about everyone a little bit but not enough. Milkshakes all round! There’s not much blogging response to that yet (some mentions… Read More ›