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I’ve been busy catching up on some favorite blogs the last few days:

Larvatus Prodeo has long discussion threads Discrimination and Same-Sex Marriage, the growing “pro-life” activism in the USA against the provision of contraception (Pro-choice, pro-sex? Who’s afraid of sex for pleasure?), and Breaking the silence on violence against Indigenous women and girls. The discussion of indigenous atrocities is mostly respectful and informative, the two discussions on sexual/reproductive freedoms bring out the “social conservative” loons.

Over at Road to Surfdom, Tim Dunlop gives us a series of posts about the Australian/US political alliance and current “joint military venture”: ANZUS R US, Good comments from Beazley , The Weapon’s Detective, and Power corrupts, gorgeously.

Chris Clarke at Creek Running North satirises Bush’s Mexican border plan.

Patrick Nielsen-Hayden at Making Light looks at some of the hysterical anti-immigrant rhetoric in Historical re-creationism.

Lance Mannion analyses the Bush presidential advisory team in the light of Terry Pratchett’s Guards! Guards! and classic TV show The Wild, Wild West: St George and the Dragon, a fable by Richard Cheney

Devious, ambitious, and unscrupulous men and women who don’t have the strength or the wherewithall to take power for themselves directly have always known how easy it is to achieve power by latching onto and flattering and manipulating stupid and egocentric bullies.

The story is so old and familiar and true that even television writers know it.


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  1. tig,Thanks for the link. FYI, I cross-posted this one at Michael Berube’s place where I’ve been guest blogging, and Michael’s readers seem to include more real Terry Pratchett fans, so you should check out the comments there for kindred spirits.

  2. G’day Lance! I agree the other thread is more Pratchett-erudite, so much so I don’t think they’ve left me anything to add. Buggrit millennium hand’n’shrimp.

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