Month: May 2006

Tangled Bank #54 is up

The fortnightly carnival of science-blogging is on again, hosted by Coturnix (who is shortly joining the Seed lords at Scienceblogs) over at Science and Politics: Tangled Bank #54 Check out previous Tangled Banks. This time around I’m chuffed both that… Read More ›

Obscene on LJ

Apparently, LiveJournal has no problem with default userpic icons that depict breasts as below, because despite the unapologeticly abundant display of flesh for no other reason than titillating the male gaze, there is an all-important level of decency maintained by… Read More ›

Flutey does Eurovision

I must have missed an announcement – a bit over a month ago Flutey said ta-ta to blogging (Ozblogistan mourned), but he’s been sneakily posting things for more than a week! Anyway, he live-blogged the cheesilicious Eurovision Song Contest, which… Read More ›


we just tuned into Auntie to watch the David Wenham (obPhwoah!) minseries Answered by Fire, set in East Timor in the days leading up to the 1999 referendum on independence from Indonesia. But it’s not on, despite having been advertised… Read More ›

Who moved that apostrophe?

I’m a week late, I know, but Helen’s Mother’s Day piece got me thinking. How did a day that grew from West Virginian Mothers’ Work Days from 1858 onwards (where mothers worked together to improve their community), and Mothers’ Friendship… Read More ›

Save Nazanin

Spread the word about international support for the 18-year old Iranian girl Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi, who has been sentenced to death by hanging. In previous cases international activism and publicity has saved the lives of other Iranians sentenced to death… Read More ›

Egritte? Mascher?

This is apparently by an artist named Rob Gonsalves. A whole heap of his art has been posted here. Beautiful stuff. Hat-tip to Simon the Hat.