Weekend flashback – more scifi but sadly no boots

The sculpted plastic posing pouch makes up for the lack of boots though, I think. And doesn’t that yoga-toned Sting look fine?

I thought there would be gazillions of shots of this to choose from on the web, but no. A few very blurry screen captures, and this one, which is obviously a still shot taken during the film’s production, as you can see the crew member off to the right.

mr tog and I recently rewatched the DVD of the original theatrical release of Dune and thoroughly enjoyed it yet again – we’ve seen it enough times now that it’s one of those films we can talk over the top of as we wish, particularly about all the bits from the book we wished were there, yet we can shut up for the best bits.

It’s a flawed but brilliant gem of a film. I think it’s utterly incomprehensible unless you’ve read the book (and the 3-hour extended TV Alan Smithee version didn’t improve that, it just ruined the rhythm of the original with the unbelievably dreadful storyboarded narrations , so no wonder Lynch took his directing credit off). The only people I know who really like it are all people who loved the novel enough to reread it at least once, so that they are utter Dune nerds.

Like most Dune nerds, I did actually enjoy seeing the cut scenes from the theatrical release in the Smithee version even though I hated the interpolated narratives and cheapness about special effects (eg Fremen eyes) in the restored scenes, but I so wish that the oft-mooted but never funded full 4-hour Director’s Cut will one day soon appear.


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  1. I read Dune for the first time on the plane to Peru (incidentally, my first EVAR plane flight). I read Dune for the second time while in Peru. I read Dune for the third time on my way home from Peru.At some point, I and my housemate (who only spoke Spanish) were watching television and Lynch’s Dune came on (in Spanish). Having arrived in the country with one year of introductory Spanish under my belt (genius me, I’d studied German in high school and college and then decided to focus on the Andes for me geographical specialty), I felt I’d really arrived when I was able to talk coherently about Herbert and Lynch en Espanol.I still miss the boots, though I appreciate the equal opportunity cheesecake (though Sting, yoga toned or not, is not my type).

  2. Ok, I loved Dune as a teenager but I reread it last year when I was at Mum and Dad’s — my Dad has an incredible collection of funny-smelling sci-fi paperbacks from the 60s and 70s — and it just wasn’t the same. Sadly, I’ve never seen the flick.Also, I may have to reconsider my views on yoga as a legitimate exercise.

  3. Sting rather famously is heavily into tantric sex with Trudy, as well as practising his hatha and ashtanga yoga assiduously since first taking it up in the 60s.I’ve met a few yogis who’ve been doing their poses daily since the 60s. Fit old buggers, the lot of them, and generally very happy in a quiet and contented fashion.These stellar example rarely motivate me to move my lardy self about though.

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