“Pro-Life” Prioritisation

At the level of Bush and the head honchos of the American Religious Right, anyway. From I Drew This, dated Aug 1st:

Hat-tip to Paul the Spud at Shakespeare’s Sister.

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  1. “Through his words and signing statements and now his veto, Mr Bush has signified that it is sometimes acceptable to torture in defence of a nation but never acceptable to sacrifice an already doomed embryo in the hope of saving lives. President Bush may be a man of unwavering principle, but I am having a hard time seeing what that principle is.”–John Rennie, editor-in-chief of Scientific American, from ABC Radio National’s The Science Show.

  2. Nice one, Arthur. “Quiet, borny” indeed.

  3. It’s hard not to think that this sequence is a parody of the extremely weird “Faithmouse” cartoon that gets reproduced on a lot of anti-choice Web sites. It features a talking fetus making all kinds of almost incomprehensibly loopy “heartwarming” declarations. I don’t know if the “I Drew This” cartoonist has seen it. Thanks for introducing me to this strip, though – it’s great.

  4. Oh my. This one looks a bit different this week than it probably did when it was penned: <a href="http://www.faithmouse.com/daily485.gifhttp://www.faithmouse.com/daily485.gif</a&gt;

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