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Shakespeare’s Sister‘s Shakes’ Sis: “if the Almighty had a problem with women getting their tits out in public, then he would have put our nipples on our thumbs.”
(Reminds me of another recent breastfeeding foofaraw)

Cross-dressing NZ lawyer Rob Moodie: “The deeper the cover-up, the prettier the frocks,”
(His story has inspired some approving but purple-in-parts prose: [ link ] [link ]

Pandagon‘s Amanda Marcotte: “If apologists of unchecked capitalism were designing a sport, the result would be unwatchable-imagine an auto race where it would be permissible to slash everyone else’s tires and then declare yourself a winner after running on foot.”

Scaryduck: “what is the man nominally in charge of the education of my children doing in possession of the song “Sorted for E’s and Wizz“?”

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  1. I saw the front page of the Dom Post when Rob Moodie’s latest appearance in the public eye came up. At the time I thought he’d gone ahead with gender reassignment, and while I thought that mildly interesting, I didn’t bother reading further. I didn’t realise he was still working – I remember his kaftan-clad ’70s and figured he must be retired by now – and was ho-hum about the story. This, I must say, is much more intriguing; almost quixotic.And I do wonder how he’d get on with Eddie Izzard.

  2. I have a soft spot for big boofy guys who are doing genuine genderqueering stuff – “yes, I’ve got broad shoulders and a five-o’clock shadow, and a wife who I enjoy rogering, but I still like nail polish and frocks”.Love his quixotic stand – even if he gets a gag order placed on him for the court case, if he continues to turn up in frocks the press will still publish pictures and refer to the already known details of the case, so it’s an excellent way of keeping it in the public eye. Gotta love a larrikin, or is he more of a mug lair?

  3. Surprising amount of tolerance for the good doctor, but then NZ – even small-town NZ – can occasionally surprise, Cathy

  4. Your soft spot with guys who are going genuine genderqueer stuff is fascinating.I’ve never liked nail polish or frocks myself, but I still don’t conform to the “big boofy guy” bit, and I think it’s great when men try and break the stereotype. It’s seen as a lot more threatening than when women do it.

  5. Hi Cathy! I’d forgotten the good Ms Beyer.Morgan, I don’t entirely understand it myself, except I think it has to do with an attraction generally to countercultural stuff, and just loving seeing a guy reject both homophobia and misogyny via a distinctive costuming statement (and still be hypothetically shaggable by moi). The big ‘n’ boofy is just my phenotypic preference, particularly as a contrast to the lamentable Footy Show drag performances. Of course, the big ‘n’ boofy cross-dressing types, whether hetero or homoerotically inclined, are also perceived to have less to worry about in the queerbashing stakes. Perhaps they’re somehow less threatening to the homophobes because of their obvious masculinity – there’s none of the “but what if I try to chat her up and she’s a bloke?” hysteria fuelling the rage against them.I’ve had both male and female queer friends who dress gender-ambiguous who’ve been bashed by homophobes – the XYs were all slightly built and the XXs were all big and strong. It appeared that they didn’t know their properly genderised place.

  6. I just tried to go and look up “boofy” unsuccessfully.I’m not sure what “gender ambiguous” dress is – most of the women I know wear t-shirts and jeans, like most of the men.Personally, I’m attracted towards people who blur the line, too. I also have an attraction to goatees – they’re unrelated. They’re both things my body does, in different ways, if I need an explanation. But that sounds narcissistic, which I don’t think it is.

  7. I think boofy is an affectionate shortening of boofhead, implying a muscular goodnatured bloke, and definitely a bloke and not a gender ambiguous, you’re right about the ubiquity of T-shirts and jeans. I guess it was actually more to do with the women’s short haircuts, lack of makeup and non-high-heeled shoes, and the blokes’ longer hair and nail polish. Attraction is a weird thing, isn’t it? Everybody has attractions to certain hair colours or eye colours or fleshy paddingness or strong features or soft features or smaller or taller or whatever. The Western world has largely got over those who are attracted to people with a different skin colour. But society still hasn’t got over obsessing about people whose attraction is to their own sex/gender.

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