Day: 2006-10-22


That’s the only word for some of the recent spats in what were previously some of my favourite corners of cyberspace. First there were the feminister-than-thou wars about lipstick and marriage (see Pandagon and Feministe), then there were the pseudonymity… Read More ›

For eating, not shelving

An e-friend on a mailing list just described a fabulous edible bouquet rather like this one that they received as a gift, a particularly appreciated gift in that she has long given up delighting in gifts of the dust-collecting figurine… Read More ›

blogcrush of the week

togolosh, who regularly comments at various Stateside feminist blogs but sadly doesn’t seem to have a blog of hir own (sob), skewered this anti-feminist righteously: You have NO RIGHT to contraception anymore than you have a RIGHT to eat cake…. Read More ›