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togolosh, who regularly comments at various Stateside feminist blogs but sadly doesn’t seem to have a blog of hir own (sob), skewered this anti-feminist righteously:

You have NO RIGHT to contraception anymore than you have a RIGHT to eat cake.

Which is why the anti-cake lobby is working to permit bakers to refuse cake to anyone who can’t prove it’s their birthday. The underground bakeries that have sprung up to serve the unmet need (OK, fine not “need’ – deviant and amoral hedonistic lust) for cake are often run by inexperienced people, either desparate or predatory, producing a product that can cause death or serious injury. The rich, of course, will not be affected, as they have ready access to international travel, so that a cake craving can be satisfied by a quick flight to France for a professionally baked gateau prepared in a clean, hygienic kitchen.

I snorted. Of course, the hater sie was responding to wasn’t so amusing.

His platform is that if all unmarried whores would just STOP FUCKING then feminists wouldn’t have to worry about aborting unwanted pregnancies (obviously in his world, where the sky is puce, married women always want their pregnancies, and wanted pregnancies never go tragically awry). Another commentor proposed that this hater probably has another boilerplate screed whenever a guy online complains that ‘his woman’ won’t give him sex, all about how the bitch owes him her body.


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  1. Who does he think is fucking the unmarried whores, aliens?

  2. Who knows, JahTeh? He’s probably off pow-wowing somewhere with Rush Limbaugh about how the mother’s life is never endangered by pregnancy either.

  3. I thought the post on feministe or pandagon about how to respond to these kind of attitudes was interesting. I too use the argument that people will have sex no matter what you do when engaging with anti-choicers, but next time I get in an argument with someone on this I’m going to take the challenging-their-ingrained-freaked-outedness-about-sex route. The suggestion was something along the lines of asking them what was so wrong with women having sex?
    Try to tempt them over to the dark side that us hell-bound harlots inhabit.
    I’m not so sure how that would work out though with their bible recitation arguments but it would probably be mildly amusing.

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