For eating, not shelving

edible bouquetAn e-friend on a mailing list just described a fabulous edible bouquet rather like this one that they received as a gift, a particularly appreciated gift in that she has long given up delighting in gifts of the dust-collecting figurine kind.

The pictured bouquet is strawberries, grapes, pineapple flowers and chocolate-dipped apple segments.

So, anybody know a place in Sydney that does anything similiar?

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  1. What a positively delicious idea. Edible Blooms at 58A Flinders Street Darlinghurst (Tel: 02 9361 0966) might be worth a visit. And no, I have no contra arrangement with them. It just prompted an idea for a thank you gift for which I was seeking inspiration.

  2. Thank you, Stephen. I hope your gift is properly appreciated.

  3. For Adelaide readers, they also have a shopfront on Prospect Road, which I serendipitously noticed about four hours after I first read this post, on my first visit to Prospect Road for months. Clearly I am fated to have dealings with them. Didn’t see the street number but it’s more or less opposite the Rose Street intersection. (And the French patisserie/cafe. Heh.)

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