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A while back now a few of us on LP did some fundraising for Darfur based on a comments challenge – we donated money to Medecins San Frontieres based on the number of comments we received in that thread. One of our commentors, j_p_z, upped the ante by pledging that if a certain number of comments summarising famous movie plots in the format of five lines of five words each, then he would also donate cash per 5×5 comment.

A mate of mine in the USA, Harry, (whom I roped in with some others to get the tally of movie plots up in that thread) has taken this idea on a smaller scale to target his charitable gifting each month. Over at the Factory of Infinite Bliss he sets a challenge for the 5×5 comments, and he pays $2 per comment up to 25 comments/$50 to the charity he’s chosen for that month. October’s charity is a group home for developmentally-disabled children in Berkeley, California, and the challenge is to write five perfectly grammatical sentences of five words each explaining who you think is going to hell and why.

Head on over and add a 5×5 there, and say hi from me. [link]

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