Month: November 2006

Saving this for the 21st

I get to see my new niece for the first time tomorrow, although I’ve been sent many fine pictures of this mighty fine specimen. She looks lovely, and the parents look happy, in those other shots. But this one has… Read More ›

Daddy Dearest redux

There’s now special DVD’s being marketed to not only remember that special Daddy-Daughter night forever, but obviously to persuade other girls that they should take part as well. [warning: brain-bleach may well be required afterwards]

Lazy blogging

Oh, the dizzying heights when other people hand one ideas on a platter! A reader sent me a link to BoingBoing’s Pelosi: I’M IN UR HOUSE / IMPEACHIN UR DOODZ Addit: another one – The Right Was Right And Gummo… Read More ›

Woo-woo gold

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged any woo-woo doomsaying. But just as I was checking my Gmail and reading a discussion of the US midterm elections, my eye was caught by one of google’s ads that they place in… Read More ›

I’m unAustralian

I don’t give a stuff about the Melbourne Cup. I don’t bet on it, and I don’t deliberately watch it. As I’m not part of a socialising workplace, neither am I a lady who lunches, I’m able to do this… Read More ›

Cattiness and choice feminism

Thus, the problem with criticizing a woman for being appealing to a patriarchal beauty standard, you are, whether you like it or not, feeding the belief that women are catty. Moreover, it feeds the notion that conventionally attractive women cannot… Read More ›

HIV needlestick hoax

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service says it has received thousands of calls from people concerned by a hoax email about HIV-infected needles found in a cinema seat and at an automatic teller machine. The email circulated widely across Australia… Read More ›