Some people just beg for a link-bombing, don’t they?

Edited to add: yes, I know this is an utterly obnoxious post. Sometimes I just have those sort of days.

Call me a meanyhead, but I can’t decide whether he’s more of a paranoid whiner or a clueless wanker. Neither of those terms have any current significant googlebombing attached, but which to choose as anchor text for this towering wingnut intellect? Anybody else want to play?

In a post titled “Google’s Anti-Conservative Bias” [screen capture] this putative political blogger reveals not only that he missed an entire round of cybercampaigning in the 2004 US presidential election, but that he’s whining about Google without doing even cursory research into how search engine algorithms work.

Best bit: he tags his blog with “Facts are Stubborn Things”. They are indeed, and such a stunning lack of aquaintance with the facts of SEO needs rectifying, don’t you think? I was going to leave a free clue linking to the wikipedia articles above in his comments, but I’m feeling nasty, and I thought a graphic demonstration of how linkbombing works would be much more fun. But perhaps I am being too cruel. I guess I’ll see how many people think this game is worth playing. After all, he can always persuade his wingnut mates to linkbomb me as ‘sarcastic bitch’ or whatever.

paranoid whinerHe’s so proud of his exposure of Google’s alleged bias that he’s even made a little graphic button for people to use to link back to that post. Mind you, I don’t know how many are, because he’s only had one comment on it so far.

It’s no secret that Google has a liberal bias and uses its strategic platform to discriminate towards conservatives in the results yielded by its powerful search engine. According to World Net Daily:

You can imagine just how much worse the post gets when he’s quoting WND as a primary resource. This chap seems to just regurgitate their talking points every day and call it independent commentary. Going by his sidebar link-buttons, he also chomps cigars, drives a custom pickup truck around the ‘burbs, and gets bent really out of shape if someone wishes him “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”.

screen captureNoPunditNo will quite possibly take down that page if lots of people start linking to it and he starts following trackbacks to see what’s happening, so I’ve taken a screen-capture. Even if he does delete the page, following the link will still point to his blog’s error page, so the essential idea will still work.

UPDATE: Terrence is good sport and gracious loser. I really am a big old meanyhead.

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  1. we had an uber googler person staying with us over the weekend (there are a lot of google doods in the lindy hop community) and the only bias he demonstrated was for _fast_ internet access and _slow_ music for dancing.

  2. I must point out that technically, the first result for “miserable failure” isn’t Bush’s bio page. It’s the sponsored link that says: “Why these results? These results may seem politically slanted. Here’s what happened.” It then explains googlebombing.

  3. There is a second comment there now. Looks like someone from his team is trying to help clue him in.

  4. Interesting. Nice how he goes for the conspiracy theory, when he could just go for “the people who actually understand how this stuff works and how to manipulate it think y’all are full of it” – which is a much better explanation.

  5. Anon, that’s hilarious. Although I think it may depend on which country’s version of the search engine one is using – I still got Bush’s bio on the Oz page.

  6. UPDATE: Terrence has indeed taken down his original post as predicted. BUT fair play to him, instead of just deleting it he has kept the post open and amended the text to acknowledge that he was in fact wrong.
    A pleasant surprise, really. Terrence is a good sport and gracious loser.

  7. I actually have nothing to say of relevance about the post at all. But I do need to say tig that the Suzi Quatro pic rocks!

  8. Thanks, Shaun. Suzi Q always looks hoydenish, but that picture is da bomb! so to speak.

  9. Cursor-y research is the only kind I do these days.
    With m’cursor, that is.


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