Monster Mash: Frankenstein-Godzilla Lyrics Charity Challenge

We’ve got another charity comments challenge over at Larvatus Prodeo: Frankenstein-Godzilla Lyrics Charity Challenge.

It’s regular commentor j_p_z’s idea again:

It’s been a while since there was a good, funny contest around here.

Accordingly, I propose to donate to charity $25 per pop (for the first ten entries, up to $250) for anyone who can write the following:

Alter a stanza or lyric from a well-known pop song to include and topically accomodate either Frankenstein or Godzilla. Other movie monsters are acceptable too, provided the twist is remarkable enough to warrant one. (In other words, don’t get too easy! “” and good luck using the Night of the Living Dead!)

He has more rules that must be followed to qualify for his donation to charity. There’s even a bonus $50 donation prize for the best version of Monster Mash, and also for the best version of a Dylan song.

Quite a few readers here who don’t normally comment at LP made sterling contributions to our last charity comments challenge. Please fly, my pretties, and make with the monsters.
(If you could crosspost your monster lyrics in the comments here, that would be great.)

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