Month: November 2006

mr tog’s still got it

We were chatting desultorily about a small wound he has on the back of his leg, which I was dressing, and I reported that it was looking good, not too oozy. Beat. mr tog: I wish I was the marketing… Read More ›

Photos painting pictures

I came across this vintage poster from 1937 a few days ago, aimed at enticing an international market to come visit Australia: The artist is Douglas Annand. Some links I’ve also followed in the last few days, in discussions about… Read More ›

Counting down

The blogging is going to be patchy over the next few weeks leading up to my holiday in Europe over Giftmas and New Year. I not only have to sort out all the insurance, passport renewals and luggage weight limits,… Read More ›

50 questions

I’ve been trying to avoid just responding to the news cycle and do some more thoughtful stuff, but that’s hard, so here’s a meme that’s been going around during our recent cold snap instead: 1. When you looked at yourself… Read More ›

PC, really

I don’t go visit Zuky nearly as much as I mean to. It’s not only that Kai has a terrific way with words: busting out these 3-syllable badges of faux-erudition with about as much linguistic adroitness as tap-dancers on stilts…. Read More ›


From a comment on a thread at Pandagon discussing some weirdo’s evo-psych fantasies about biological determinism and gender roles: I’m always amazed at how sweet and gentle and submissive people think it is when a little girl declares she wants… Read More ›

Whitewashing and white ribbons

Helen and Cristy both have absolute crackers of posts up regarding the widespread misogyny informing various religious and conservative thinkers who are coming out with variations of “but maybe the mad mufti had a point about you wimmin and your… Read More ›

Rocket royal

Brilliant marketing ploy, but will he still be her boyfriend once the rest of the royals stick their pursed lips into this plan? Princess Beatrice is set to become the first Royal to travel into space. The 18-year-old daughter of… Read More ›