Month: February 2007

Weekend walking

So, mr tog and I decided, on our return from abroad, that we really should keep up this walking-around-with-the-kids habit we’d developed over the 4 weeks of sightseeing. Instead of just lounging around the house on Saturdays, we should get… Read More ›

Nazanin saved from execution

Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi has been released! Nazanin is a young Iranian woman who was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death after she stabbed a would-be rapist in self-defence. [old tigtogblog post]. The international awareness raised by the Save… Read More ›

Dignity in relationships

“During the course of my relationship with my husband I have not given space to conjugal conflict, even when his behaviour has been such as to merit it” “Now that my daughters have reached adulthood, the example of a woman… Read More ›