My goodness, it’s a holiday pic

From the second half of my holiday time in Norway, when we were touring through the fjords and mountains between Oslo and Bergen:


Originally uploaded to Flickr by tigitogs in the Norway set.

This was taken the day after the first big snowfall of winter (there was plenty of snow by Oz standards, but the Norwegians were complaining about not having had a really big dump yet – this fall ended up covering right to the seaside by Oslo according to my Norsk friend in Oslo).

I’ve got to hook up the laptop to my desktop to download then upload the rest of the Norway photos (plus London and Paris), and will get around to it shortly.

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  1. Golly, I’m sorry I just reflexively hit “reply” on you LJ feed instead of coming here. I usually remember.
    Anyway, it’s a beautiful photo.

  2. I’m just glad I happened to catch it over there.
    Norway is ridiculously picturesque. We knew it had lovely parts, we just didn’t realise that the lovely is everywhere.
    It got to be a running joke “Look kids! A lake!” because we just kept on seeing lovely lake landscapes. We ended up repeating that comment about every 15 minutes on the drive from Flam to Oslo (except when we went through the Laerdal tunnel).

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