Nazanin saved from execution

Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi has been released!
Nazanin smiling
Nazanin is a young Iranian woman who was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death after she stabbed a would-be rapist in self-defence. [old tigtogblog post].

The international awareness raised by the Save Nazanin campaign eventually ended in the overturning of her death sentence and her return to her family from prison.

One of the most important contributors to her release has been a former Miss Canada who shares the name Nazanin. Nazanin Afshin-Jam started her own site to support her namesake and has raised money, generated petitions and spoken all over the world against all executions and particularly this death sentence.

“I spoke with Nazanin Fatehi this morning. She’s in good spirits and wanted me to pass on the message of how thankful she is for everyone’s support,” Nazanin Afshin-Jam said. “We’re thrilled that she is free and reunited with her family. We must not forget the 23 other juveniles currently on death row in Iran. Iran is a signatory to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and also the Charter of the Rights of the Child, which forbid the execution of persons under the age of 18, although Iran continues to do so. We must get to the root of the problem and put pressure on the Iranian officials to change the laws once and for all.”

via Feministing

Addendum: Twisty, while just as happy as I that Nazanin is free, makes some contrarian points about how this activism has been spun with almost no reference to the actual rape, both to Iranian authorities and to the world press.

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