Dignity in relationships

“During the course of my relationship with my husband I have not given space to conjugal conflict, even when his behaviour has been such as to merit it”

“Now that my daughters have reached adulthood, the example of a woman who is able to protect her own dignity in relationships with men assumes even more importance”

“I feel the defence of my dignity . . . may be of help to my son, so that he may never forget the fundamental value of respect towards women”

That’s from an open letter to a newspaper by Veronica Berlusconi, where she demanded a public apology from former Prime Minister husband Silvio for his many public flirtations where he tells other women, often on national television, that he’d rather be with them than his wife.

Having originally been Belusconi’s mistress before she became his second wife, I think Veronica understands his roving eye all too well and may even accept his dalliances in principle, as the couple are said to lead mostly separate lives. Continued public humiliation by one’s husband’s big mouth about his roving eye is another thing entirely, and good on her for turning the tables on him after all these years.

Mr Berlusconi gave his wife the requested public apology the next day.

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