Month: February 2007

David and Margaret are back

And David Stratton suavely used “meretricious”* in the most appositely contemptuous fashion. How delightful when one’s favourite film review show appeals not only to one’s inner geek but also to one’s inner vocab nazi. * A long, long time ago,… Read More ›

A novel gift idea

The Australian has the best headline on this: Snip in time for your Valentine. If you don’t want more children than you already have, then give your beloved your vasectomy for Valentine’s Day, and free her from contraceptive worries, says… Read More ›

Oh no

News just in: AUTHORITIES in New Zealand have called off the search for missing trans-Tasman kayaker Andrew McAuley. I’ve never met him, but my parents know him quite well. They know his wife and boy rather better, because Andrew tends… Read More ›

Vale F.U.

Ian Richardson has died, at 72. I saw him on stage a few years ago with various other Sirs and a Dame in that show about British Royals: his diction was so fabulously pure I swear he articulated the apostrophes.

Obstreperal lobe engaged

Nasty stuff (PTSD trigger alert): sex trafficking and so called “consensual sex contracts” which appear to be simply an attempt to license sexual assault and get away with it. Time to BTP (Addit: add your own angermakers in comments). Link… Read More ›

The Un-Australian Government

Go take a look at Weez’s suggested election poster for the Libs. (To minimise confusion for my American visitors, understand that the Liberal Party in Australia are actually conservatives, Tories to the core.)