Month: June 2007

Othering and hate crime legislation

Wherever so-called hate-crime legislation is passed, the strawmen get built and waved around at an alarming rate. The biggest strawman in the current debate about hate crime legislation in the USA is that it gives gays, blacks, non-Christians special rights… Read More ›

Engage obstreperal lobes

Lauredhel has updated her post from last month about the lack of transparency surrounding ProLacta’s International Breastmilk Project with the latest news. As thought, they couldn’t lie straight in bed. Feed the wo-orld”¦ one baby, anyhow. UPDATE (8 June 2007)… Read More ›

Sunrise this morning

Winter sunrises in Sydney often have interesting light patterns against the morning clouds. This morning we got classic crepuscular rays. The depth of shadow cast across the sky was extraordinary. There’s a few more shots in my Flickr photostream, and… Read More ›


Sometimes, YouTube is comedy gold: It’s Raining 300 Men Updated to Add: belated tip of the topper to evil fizz, over at Feministe. Read the whole post and thread to get most benefit of context for the clip above 🙂

Hoyden lives

Our webhost’s server chucked a tanty, so Hoyden was down for at least several hours (I discovered the problem approx 2 hours ago). Anyway, our lovely and talented tech support have sorted it out, so we’re back. As you were.

Beef Wellington time

Oh yes, I has new computer in my old case (with a video card combo that’s fast enough to play YouTubes properly at last), and we has ‘nother new computer hooked up to telly, and the old guts of my… Read More ›