Month: June 2007

Hell yeah yippiekayyay!

I saw the trailer for Die Hard 4.0 this evening, while waiting to watch Noise (which was excellent, and more of that anon). The stunts highlighted are delightfully over the top, and Bruce Willis looks older but harder and meaner,… Read More ›

Feminist Frustrations

That’s Eryn Loeb’s title for her Bookslut review of two recent feminist primers: Jessica Valenti’s Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman’s Guide to Why Feminism Matters and Megan Seely’s Fight Like a Girl: How to be a Fearless Feminist. Loeb… Read More ›

Puking up pink

I first saw this story from Zenobia, then Jess McCabe added to it, and then Twisty got a hold of it and spanked it. I have little to add to their words, but I thought that what the story really… Read More ›

I nearly forgotted to WTF

But ohmykozy reminded me when we went on a photography expedition the other day. I meant to blog these “why, no gender stereotypes here at all, no way, nuh-uh” WC signs that we came across on an earlier cinema expedition:… Read More ›

Sydney Storms

It’s been quite a wild day or so for Sydney and the Central Coast, with gale force winds and various breakdowns, minor and not so minor, in the city’s infrastructure, particularly road and rail transport. All it would take to… Read More ›

Back in town. Hi!

We are back from five days up in Jurien Bay. What did I miss? Heading North for the winter is definitely a Good Thing. We went with two friends and their daughters. The kids got along just fine, and had… Read More ›