Beef Wellington time

Oh yes, I has new computer in my old case (with a video card combo that’s fast enough to play YouTubes properly at last), and we has ‘nother new computer hooked up to telly, and the old guts of my computer are getting put into a recycled box and going off to learn how to be a server for our LAN. The togmob’s collective computing power is now TEH AWESOME: we each have a box, all networked, and soon will have FSM knows what going on with the server (I’m not entirely sure what mr tog’s nefarious plan is there).

So, I’m off to the butcher and sorting out which red wine we’re having tonight. mr tog is always telling me how handy it must be to be married to a genius, and I usually throw lettuce at him, but secretly (shhh) he’s kinda right.

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  1. Enjoy your Beef Wellington and your new computer. It’s nice to have clever partners.

  2. It is nice to have clever partners.
    Sadly my clever partner lacks the networking gene, so such work involves much swearing and phone calls to my brother. My old housemate had an ex-boyfriend who networked all our computers and set up a server under the coffee table in our living room. Quite sophisticated for a slum with doors that didn’t even close properly and an outside dunny & bathroom (separate from one another).

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