Month: July 2007

NASA hits the trifecta

Astronauts Flying Drunk. Sabotage of Computer for the ISS. Embezzlement. A seriously bad week. NASA gets the hairy eyeball eyeing its budget from the current US Administration enough as it is – they really don’t need this negative publicity.

Why so offended? It’s not like I said any bad words!

When people on the right complain about political correctness, I’m reminded how happy I am about the trade we’ve made over the last few decades – it’s more acceptable to use naughty sexual expressions, and less acceptable to use bigoted terms for women and minorities. Which is great, because it’s more fun and better for society to talk about sex (and to cuss) than it is to say bigoted things about women and minorities.

Trouser tyranny

is what the men who love MUGs say they are fighting against. MUGs are Male Unbifurcated Garments such as kilts, and the movement against Trouser Tyranny calls its adherents Bravehearts after Mel Gibson’s smash hit movie back before he went… Read More ›

Your friends make you fat

(Subtext: so if any of your mates are a wee bit plump you better drop them quick smart or you’ll be rooned, rooned! Yay, let’s make fat people even more socially isolated and scorned!) So say all the headlines and… Read More ›

Spoiler alert: Book Review HP7 whaddayareckon?

Plot spoilers will appear in this discussion for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Don’t read any further unless you already know plot twists or if you don’t care whether you learn plot twists. If you are subscribed to comments here using RSS, you should probably treat that feed most warily until you finish the book.

Milking it in California

Edited to add: Two other blogs have now picked up on this story. The Lactivist notes “The International Breast Milk Project in the News Again“. And MamaBear at has done some ringing around – directly to the iThemba Lethu… Read More ›

Political outreach online

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about just what online strategies could be most effective for political parties in getting their message across to the voters. I’ve run across a lot of interesting views, and thought on them (in… Read More ›