Wednesday Wow

Lake Ingalls, Washington State
Originally uploaded by fluxn, and part of the image pool Wow! on Flickr
There’s just something irresistible about a majestic march of mountains, and when they’re reflected so you get double value, it’s even better.

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  1. Wow is right! Where was it taken?

  2. D’oh – meant to add that. Lake Ingalls, in Washington State.

  3. Wow, Ingalls is wilder.

  4. Heheheheh.
    I really loved those books when I was younger. I remember being very disappointed by the book that was released by her grandkids based on her diary when she was an older woman – she seemed so rigid. I suspect that when she was writing the books based on her diaries herself that she had a better perspective on things with age and softened them somewhat, and the grandkids weren’t willing to soften her younger pungent rigidity in the same way.

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