“I’m so sorry, my wife has made a mistake”

This is all I could think of when I heard the news that the supporting terrorism charges against Haneef have been dropped. (The first few minutes especially.)

So many half-arsed assumptions and incompetent deductions.

A spokesman for Scotland Yard would not comment on the investigation or how the mistake was made. He would not say how the British-Australian operation was conducted, but the British source said he believed the federal police were blaming geographical and time differences for the bungle.

“It deserves a public inquiry, that kind of mess-up,” the source said. He also said police involved in searching Sabeel Ahmed in Liverpool were appalled at what he said was political pressure on the federal police by the Federal Government.

So far the Immigration Minister is holding firm on his decision to revoke Haneef’s visa, so it is likely that Haneef will be deported as soon as he’s released.

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