“No one deserves to go to jail just for being a massive dickhead”

Comedian Dave Hughes’ latest press release, issued in response to Kyle Sandilands threatening to punch him in the throat in revenge for Hughsie calling him a dickhead on air, even if it means Sandilands going to jail, quoted in full below.

“Mr Dave Hughes has issued a public apology to Mr Kyle Sandilands, who has made comments in the past days in reference to remarks made by Mr Hughes at the 2007 TV Week Logie Awards.

“Mr Hughes said : ‘I am sincerely and deeply sorry that Kyle Sandilands is a massive dickhead.’

“Mr Hughes hopes that this sincere and unreserved apology will put this ugliness to rest and stop Mr Sandilands from going to jail.

“Mr Hughes further remarked: ‘No one deserves to go to jail just for being a massive dickhead. Massive dickheads have the same rights as normal people.’

“Mr Hughes is not available for further comment on this matter.”

I love Hughsie.

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