Month: September 2007


Lost Clown writes about a woman in the UK who within a few weeks has moved from happily anticipating the birth of her baby to anguish over the prospect that she may never get to hold her child: Social Services… Read More ›

GovThuggery round-up

Atticus has “Secret police inquiry a whitewash” at Larvatus Prodeo Here is the unsurprising conclusion of the investigation into badgeless APEC cops: Police commissioner Andrew Scipione ordered an internal inquiry by the Professional Standards Command, which found there were real… Read More ›

Now there’s a story arc

Last night’s Dr Who 3rd season finale and the future story of Captain Jack. There be spoilers ahead. If you haven’t seen the episode you really don’t want to click the link if you hate surprises being ruined.

Looks so innocent, doesn’t it?

Image Source: originally uploaded by gramarye, aka The Crotchety Gardener This skink’s cousin just murdered a moth in my garden. I’d never thought of them as especially effective predators, although I’ve certainly seem them fighting each other and even several… Read More ›

Friday Hoyden: Krista Scott-Dixon

Today’s Hoyden is courtesy of guest poster “Dita”, who is otherwise A. Lurker (and who occasionally sneaks up on me in Facebook). “Dita” lives and studies on the west coast of the USA. (~ tigtog) ____________________________________________________________ Now you’re probably scratching… Read More ›