Continuing the quest for non-misogynist pornography

Cracking post from Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon:

Even the porn out there that strives to be non-misogynist gets called “alt” porn, which is basically a label indicating that porn that’s about getting off to sex instead of getting off to hurting women is something out of the mainstream.

which is largely a response to way in which discussion on an earlier post about various forms of gendered violence ended up veering into being all about the porn.

Both threads are well worth reading.

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  1. ‘Alt’ is precisely the movement I’ve been referring to in other threads, without being sure about the terminology. I think the term also springs from the markedly non-vanilla interests entertained in some of those forums also, and not just from the fact that the mainstream is all about hurting women.
    Some of the alt blogs that I’ve encountered have a negotiated relationship to the mainstream, guiding consumers to mainstream material that is not of this variety. Others veer towards fetish etc. They also seem to have a relationship to companies manufacturing sex toys, as well as some overlap with porn producers that do experimental work and authors that produce ‘how to’ sex guides (see Tristan Taormino as an example of both).

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