Heh. Heheheheheh.

I’m putting this behind the cut so that the prank doesn’t get noticed before it’s had its full allocation of LOLZ.

The image link may not work for all that long, but enjoy it while it does.

Image source: screencap of SMH Domain online page

Property ID: 2006698794

Kirribilli House: yours for just $15

Impressive waterfront views!

Poised on the top of a hill and the envy of many onlookers (believe me, they’ll even stop and take a photo!), this two storey house is a residence of power. Far superior to any old Lodge in Canberra, this house fits a family of five and provides the ultimate abode in which to be relaxed and comfortable.

“¢ Breathtaking views of Sydney’s beautiful harbour
“¢ Perfect place to view Sydney’s fireworks – especially during events like the APEC long weekend
“¢ Ideal for extra-curricular fundraising activities
“¢ Includes a $200 000 set of executive chairs (and not from IKEA”¦.)
“¢ Plans for $500 000+ renovation of dining room
“¢ Uses 28 times more water than the average Sydney household
“¢ A million dollar garden ($1 118 000 million over 6 years)
“¢ Recently received a $386 500 security upgrade
“¢ Neighbours you know and trust ““ you can’t help but love Maxine
“¢ Long-term occupancy available (depending on your accountant’s or treasurer’s plans)
“¢ Current occupant considering a move even if a new lease is signed

Moments away from icons like Luna Park, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. So special, no amount of labour can dislodge it.

You’ll really be the life of the party with this tidy little number.

All this and more going for only $15! ($10 seniors concession, with card)

OPEN FOR INSPECTION Sunday 16th September 10am to 4pm

For those reading from overseas, Kirribilli House is the official residence of our Prime Minister, John Howard.

Edited to add: more pics from the above “ad”. The view and the location with respect to the harbour.


All previous PMs have lived in the designated official residence of The Lodge, in Canberra, but the PM and his wife Hyacinth Janette decided that they should live in a bigger fancier house with a better view of more exciting nightlife1, that house being at the time the official residence of the Governor General when in Sydney. They said the GG already had an official residence in Canberra (Yarralumla House) and therefore didn’t need one in Sydney as well, although they apparently do (need a second official residence in Sydney, that is).

Kudos to the prankster, who presumably is this chap.

1. Presumably they watch the exciting Sydney nightlife through binoculars while wearing their flannie pyjamas.

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  1. I saved a screenshot of the jpg, if it does disappear.

  2. The SMH finally noticed it late yesterday, Helen.

    Searching for 2006698794
    An exact match for the property id could not be found.

    I saved all the page files to my hard drive as well as taking a screencap. Nice prank.

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