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Today’s Pravda brings us: “Every woman has five reasons to recover her virginity”, a three-page promotorial for hymenoplasty surgery. No longer merely a tool for fooling hapless hubbies, revirginisation is the new sexual empowerfulment for the noughties.


In fact, a woman cannot be equipped with a new hymen ““ the thin, ring-like membrane partially covering the opening of the vagina. However, today’s plastic surgeons are very good at bringing back a “virgin-like” quality.

What’s a “virgin-like quality”? Apparently, it’s being in serious pain and bleeding like a stuck pig when you have penis-in-vagina sex. Cos guys dig that.

The technique requires a highly qualified plastic surgeon. Besides, a patient must have at least some traces of her hymen available for restoration. Therefore, the procedure would be out of the question for women who had numerous sexual relationships.

“You’re already roooooned, women of easy morals and useless, cavernous vaginas.”

It is worthy of notice that the result is not meant to last long since doctors will use dissolvable stitches to reconnect the skin membrane that once covered the opening of the vagina. The procedure is best to perform less then a couple of weeks before your next intercourse, otherwise your “brand-new” hymen may fall to pieces before the time is ripe for penetrative sex.

“Friction and someone else’s bodily fluids on a fresh surgical wound! How jolly and refreshing!”

The other type of hymenoplasty is referred to as alloplant hymen restoration surgery. It is performed if the hymen cannot be restored. The operation involves the insertion of a tear-through biomaterial, which will act as a patient’s hymen.

Seriously. SERIOUSLY. Implantable bionic hymens.

Some ladies are reported to have themselves “revirginized” several times in order to return, in a flash of additional pain, to their deflowered state.

“Recurrent revirginisation: it’s the new hobby sweeping the nation.”

Hymen repair surgery aims to enable a patient’s sexual partner to have “that thrilling conquest” normally associated with the wedding night. As a rule, patients are warned straightaway that they are likely to bleed more and feel greater pain during the subsequent intercourse, compared to blood loss and pain caused by the original act of deflowering.

Indeed, Marina’s second “wedding” night was a rather painful experience for her. On the contrary, her boyfriend enjoyed every minute if it.

“Women’s suffering and blood has always been deliciously sexy, and this is no exception.”

And the “five reasons”? You were dying to know, right?

Five reasons why women may seek out hymenoplasty

1. Hymenoplasty as a way to deceive one’s sexual partner and loved ones.

Many women seek this procedure in an effort to appease religious, cultural and social beliefs. A woman may seek it out prior to her wedding in order to make her sexual life nondescript and not the talk of the town. In a time long past, a bride’s hymen being intact was the only way of determining her chastity. However, religious people and feminists tend to refer to the procedure as a form of deception.

“But only those fringe nutters see it that way. For everyone else, it’s good wholesome bloody fun.”

2. Regaining maidenhood lost before matrimony

It is widely known that the hymen can be ruptured by nonsexual activity e.g. dancing, horseback riding and athletics. Accidents involving a fall or the improper use of a tampon can also result in a tear.

“The improper use of a tampon”? Like, say, putting it in your vagina?

Some women were greatly disappointed at their “first time” or suffered trauma or found “someone special” to whom they would really like to give up their virginity.

Heck, I know I was. I was expecting to be climbing the ceilings and begging for morphine. Instead, it was fun. I’m a failure as a woman.

3. Making a fresh start

Hymenoplasty could be recommended to victims of sexual assault, “sex on booze” etc. Patients in this case are usually advised to seek psychological help prior to having surgery. The procedure should not be performed on a woman who has just suffered a severe psychological trauma.

“Because the bestest, BESTEST things that could happen to a rape victim is her next sexual experience being screamingly painful and involving pools of her blood! Whee! Retraumatisation is so therapeutic!”

4. Enhancing the feelings of sexual gratification

Some women undergo surgery to please their husbands and partners. They want to “lose their virginity” all over again to celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary in a very special way. Others have their hymens stitched back together to receive and give more pleasure when making love.

Again, women’s pain and blood = teh sexxxay.

5. For professional reasons

Vaginal surgery seems to have become all the rage among ladies of the evening. The reasons are obvious: a customer can pay a pretty petty for a night with a “virgin.”

I think the author may have missed the bit about how “the procedure would be out of the question for women who had numerous sexual relationships.”. Or maybe these are the women who are supposed to choose bionic hymens? “Join the Prostitute 2.0 Revolution!” Gag.

Say, is anyone making virgin-porn? Cos you could just shove a pint-bag of pig-blood up there and have at it. The special effects guys could have a ball.

– Though the risks of infection and fever are minimal, a patient must pay special attention to personal hygiene for at least two weeks after the operation. She must refrain from having a bath, visiting a sauna. Swimming is under a temporary ban too, especially in the outdoor bodies of water or a swimming pool.

“But feel free to have some rape-deprived asshat ejaculate all over it.”

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  1. WTF. I feel like Marcia Hines “I have nothing to say”.

  2. Well, re-virgined hymens are perfect for creating that stained sheet for display to the relos for proof of purchase. Although clearly the tamper-proof seal isn’t so tamper-proof if you re-create it multiple times.
    Maybe they’ll have to find a different signifier of female worth?

  3. Ouch. It’s also disturbing that this sort of thing is an obsession in some countries – hymen inspection and in some cases making a bionic hymen or whatever you want to call it (but that’s an awesome post title). George Packer covers this in The Assassin’s Gate, actually, showing how widespread such views are in Iraq even among doctors. I continue to be dismayed by the prevalence of the idea that the greatest value a woman can possess is virginity, and all the attending crap – men need to be “tricked” into marriage, etc. But the biggest element is that a woman is a trophy, a possession, an object, a receptacle, not a full person in her own right.

  4. You know, I was my wife’s “first”, not that it would have mattered to me even a little if that hadn’t been the case. I was afraid that there would be pain and bleeding. There wasn’t, because we had done a pretty extensive amount of fooling around before finally deciding to take that last step. I was glad, because she was a person who had chosen to have sex with me, not a possession I was laying claim to. And while the experience was certainly thrilling, it wasn’t because I felt I had “conquered” her. Actually, I think that might have detracted from it, if I had felt that way. It would have meant that she didn’t want it as much as I did (though I suppose many of these yahoos are going into it with that assumption, and the further assumption that she’s doing it to please them – must suck to think you’re so unsexy).
    If, on our twentieth wedding anniversary, she suggested that she get surgery so that our anniversary-night celebratory sex be painful for her and bloody, I would ask her if she was out of her mind.
    Will. Never. Understand. The mindset.
    Understand why the women do it. Will never understand the cultural attitudes that drive them to it.
    Deliberately tearing open a weeks-old surgical wound and ejaculating into it. Thrilling.

  5. Say, is anyone making virgin-porn?

    Yes, they are. I’ve seen it and it’s deeply wierd.

  6. I totally didn’t get the image association until I scrolled over the image source link, hehe love it
    maybe this will replace the whole piercing thing

  7. The sound you hear is me puking.

  8. Wow. Your comments to the original article were hilarious. But the subject itself.. Wow. Disgusting, to say the very least. I wrote my own blog about it, too.

  9. now, there’s class. and money. and too much time your hands.
    there is a perfect reply to this entire idea, written by Robert A. Heinlein, way to many years ago. it goes something like this:
    “Who the hell wants a virgin? scared, hurting, and no idea what to do?!”
    i always did wonder what guys saw in virginity – since they ALSO want a freaking tiger who knows how to do EVERYTHING in the sack.
    this entire world is bi-polar when it comes to sex

  10. “Will. Never. Understand. The mindset.
    Understand why the women do it. Will never understand the cultural attitudes that drive them to it.
    Deliberately tearing open a weeks-old surgical wound and ejaculating into it. Thrilling.
    Agreed! Thank god there is at least one voice of indignation and reason. This is sick and sad.
    What a world we are living in.

  11. Sickening, as I have said elsewhere. On one of the other blogs discussing this story, before I arrived,I think someone voiced what I had wondered about myself–that is, what if this sort of this was the diathesis for the horrors we read of in other cultures, clitoridectomies and so on–this procedure, if it becomes common, being the manure in which those weeds could grow. Should we be not only sickened but concerned?
    Thanks to all who have spoken out against this travesty.

  12. Not that it’s any excuse for inflicting suffering on another human being, but I believe it all comes back to the man fearing that if his partner compares him with other lovers he may be found wanting. If she’s only ever had sex with him then by definition he’s the best lover she has ever had (and simultaneously the worst, of course). Some guys just fear comparison in that department, probably with some justification if that’s how they show their ‘affection’.
    Nah, on second thoughts I still don’t. Understand. It.

  13. Dear fucking god.

  14. “i always did wonder what guys saw in virginity – since they ALSO want a freaking tiger who knows how to do EVERYTHING in the sack.
    this entire world is bi-polar when it comes to sex”
    Denelian–it’s a matter of conquest, a mindset I don’t agree with. They want to be the very first, because if (gasp!) you’ve ever had sex before, you’re now spoiled goods. It’s strange how the American culture mocks virginal men but praises virginity in women.
    On the bionic hymen issue? My only responce is ICK. I’d never do that. I’d never tell anyone else to do that. The forced piercing is worse, but only by a slim margin. Ick, ick, ICK.

  15. I’m not sure how much of a stretch it is to compare this revirginisation to cosmetic labiaplasty in pornsick culture. Women are being told all over that their vulva and vagina are not acceptable, that they are broken somehow, that they must be surgically altered – to conform to the virgin stereotype or to look more like a (perhaps-imaginary) “porn star”. (A strange new take on the madonna/whore dichotomy?)
    These sorts of pressures on adult women can’t be considered comparable to clitoridectomy or infibulation of young girls, of course.

  16. I really don’t want to be in a relationship with any man who thinks of virgin sex as some kind of conquest. :/ My first time was excruciatingly painful, and it made my fiance feel terrible. Isn’t that how it should be? Being concerned about your lover’s pain, rather than haughty about the fact that you’ve “conquered” her?
    That’s just disgusting.

  17. And how could I forget about ”Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery”?

    When the vagina becomes stretched from aging and child birth vaginal rejuvenation tightens and restores the vagina and supporting structures to a “pre-pregnancy” state, thereby re-establishing friction that increases sexual gratification for both women and men!
    In vaginal relaxation, the muscles are relaxed and have poor tone, strength, and control. The internal and external diameters increase. The muscles of the perineum are weak and poorly supported. Under these circumstances, the vagina is no longer at its optimum physiological state. As a result, the sensual side of sexual gratification is diminished.

    There’s less emphasis on blood, but I’m struggling to find the truly substantive difference here.

  18. this has me so mad I can barely see straight to type this.
    this is not news to me. rehymenization surgery has even been referred to as “saving” women from violent retribution doled out by angry husbands whose wedding nights do not involve bloody sheets.
    what has me most furious is the ongoing assumption that women are chattel, as indicated by the use of the word “conquest” — ya know, like land gets conquered through war?
    Andrea Dworkin was so right — women’s bodies are a war zone.

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    Moderator Note: this comment has been disemvoweled

  20. I didn’t bleed at all my first time. It hurt like hell, but there was absolutely no blood. I guess if I were alive when husbands would dole out said “violent retribution” for not seeing blood on the sheets when he first had sex with his new wife, I’d be bloodied and bruised, for no reason at all, even if it were my genuine first time having sex. This whole thing is sick and absurd.

  21. yuck.
    i remember my first time we had to stop halfway through because it hurt her too much…. wasn’t too comfortable for me either, really. there’s no way in hell i’d ever want to go through that again, and i’m a guy fer chrissake. like seraph and others have said, pain is not sexy. if somebody’s getting hurt then there’s something wrong, and anyone that’d pay big money for an operation whose sole purpose is to hurt them and make them bleed during sex needs to have their f*cking head examined.
    so not cool.

  22. Honestly, what bothered me the most (aside from the obvious idiocy of such a thing) was how they kept referring to a woman “losing” her virginity as “deflowering,” as if some guy is reaching up there and grabbing a daisy or something.

  23. Operations like these, and the reasons for them do make me angry, but because I am fascinated by the psychology behind it I feel the need to analyze and over-analyze the whole thing.
    – The religious aspect disgusts me. I feel sorry for women who are forced to do this because they are punished for not being “proper” virgins.
    – As far as rape vitcims go, honestly I don’t think that it is the physical sensation of losing their virginity that they want to experience again with the person they truly want (I’m pretty sure most women would agree that losing their virginity was not their favorite physical experience) but it is the sense of power that they have in “giving” it, if you will, to the person they feel deserves it – in their case it was taken from them, without permission, and in the most horrible way. I can see why restoring their hymen would give them that sense of power back.
    – Breaking your hymen on accident (i.e. horseback riding, athletics, etc.) is outside of our control, if it means that much to the person to be able to lose her virginity the way she wants to, then the more power to her, because she is giving herself that power.
    – As for the rest, I think “losing” it again on your 20th anniversary completely loses meaning considering you “lost it” 20 years before – I don’t see how doing it again is celebratory of your time together, I think that’s kind of messed, actually – I feel that would be more of the husband’s fetish there than mutual celebration. For the “Ladies of the Night,” instead of criticizing them for getting a hymen restoration, why not be getting pissed about their lifestyle and how that reflects on our gender? I think their hymen restoration issues come second to that.
    Sorry for the rant, I was intrigued.

  24. I have a penis, so I probably can’t comment on this site.
    BUT, I think its strange when ‘women’s liberators’ come down harshly on practices of other women. If a woman wants her hymen reconstituted, so what? Why should we construct new modes for people to be, prescribe new modes for women, men, whoever, instead of just letting them be what they want?
    Just my two balls…i mean cents…
    Or, as the last comments says, ‘our gender.’ Why continue to use any concept that lumps people together in large groups, so that then you can prescribe behavior for them? Prostitutes are bad for women? Maybe its bad for them, maybe its good. But I think most people are smart enough to tell the difference between a prostitute and other women–that they don’t reflect the behavior, goals, abilities, etc. of all those who share their ‘gender.’
    [Moderator note: this poster’s gravatar has been modified for our amusement]

  25. I’m curious, Isaac. Do you generally find that preemptive whining works for you?
    I’m not complaining, it certainly saves us time in sorting out your underlying attitudes, but I’m just wondering what you get out of it?

  26. I have a penis
    Just my two balls
    Why continue to use any concept that lumps people together in large groups

    For such a stalwart opponent to the notions of sex and gender, you sure are set on us knowing exactly what reproductive organs you’re brandishing.

  27. Firstly–I’m new to this site, and I’d never seen a disemvoweled comment before today, but damn are they fun to read out loud.
    Now onto the topic at hand.
    I think the idea that the attitude behind the existence of hymenoplasties is prevalent in modern western society is sickening. Don’t we live in advanced-enough nations where women can be measured by what’s between their ears rather than what’s between their legs? But no…
    I didn’t like losing my virginity, I didn’t like bleeding, but subsequent sexual encounters, I did like. Why the hell are women wanting to go through the painful stuff again just to fulfill a patriarchal ideal?
    That being said, I can understand the mindset of a woman in a NON-western, NON-advanced nation who knows that her non-virginal status could mean she would be shunned or killed. Did anyone else read Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns, where the (non-virginal and pregnant) Laila cut herself after sex with her new husband so that he’d think she was a virgin and not punish or kill her? Going through painful surgery has got to be better than getting killed–although living in a world where there are better options should be the real goal.


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