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Do any bloggers or website owners here not obsessively look at Referer strings? I’m fascinated by them, as you may have gathered by previous posts “Naughty girls down under. With a bullet.” and “Girls in white gumboots and fat chicks in chainmail”.

Today’s fave hit – Hoyden About Town is now hit number one for this google search:

why some girls are angry bitches

So hey there, Missouri. You having a not-so-good day?

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  1. I’ve never worked out how to do it, which is probably a good thing.
    Mindy’s last blog post..click early, click often

  2. ah … dey call Referrer Strings are dey?
    I always wondered how bloggers figure out where their invaders come from.
    So, to answer your query: I have not obsessively checked out my referrer strings … until now.
    (File under ‘if you want an obsession done, then give it to an already obsessive person’)
    Brownie Bwca O’Dyne’s last blog post..New Beau Brummell

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