The Rotting Cryptkeeper is at it again

godhates.jpgVia a commentor at Larvatus Prodeo, I discovered that Fred Phelps, the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church hate group, is planning to picket the funeral of Heath Ledger as a “fag enabler”.

As I’ve blogged before, the WBC’s funeral-picketing is largely a racket whereby the Phelps clan receives media attention that drives a trickle of donations and the occasional lucrative lawsuit when some goaded mourner or sympathiser assaults one of the Phelps clan, who then proceed to sue for damages.

Anyway, as I was googling for some news about the Phelps picketing plan, I ended up leaving this comment, in shock, on Darlene’s thread about the WBC on LP.

Sweet Flying FSM on a pogo stick, the WBC have a blog.

blogs dot godhatesamerica dot com

It’s about as appalling as what you’d expect, and of course: comments are disabled.

There’s some in-depth information about the activities of the Phelps clan here, based on submissions in a lawsuit (of course!).

god-hates-fags-kids.jpgI feel sorriest for the small Phelps clan children who are taught to parrot this hate from babyhood.

Look at the picture to the left: the total bewilderment of the younger child, and the more gleeful expression of the older child – by her age she’s been brainwashed. Besides, how liberating must it feel to be allowed to scream hate at other people when she’d be switched for expressing the mildest rebellion within the clan?

* “The Rotting Cryptkeeper” is Pam Spaulding‘s longstanding nickname for Fred Phelps Senior [the PHB Fred Phelps category archive].

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  1. I think the saddest thing about the whole Phelps clan is the amount of anger they evince at practically everything. It’s frightening how much they’re dominated by that one patriarch, and it’s frightening how much of life they miss out on. I’m glad I don’t worship their god.
    Meg Thornton’s last blog post..Random wibble.

  2. Those poor girls. I think you’re probably spot on about the older one– she must have so much repressed anger in her, that she’ll latch onto any sanctioned method of releasing it.

  3. The first picture, with the “God in your enemy” sign?
    As an atheist, I can’t help thinking that such a sign might be sort of accurate, in my case. Still, WBC irritates the crap out of me. What sort of global/societal changes does picketing funerals bring about, anyway? Probably none.
    Stay classy, WBC!
    annaham’s last blog post..Conservative Gays Say the DARNDEST Things!

  4. Yikes. The very definition of insane. When you can no longer empathise with someone’s pain and hurt you are no longer functioning as a human being.
    blue milk’s last blog post..?Make my milk blue please?

  5. Is it just me, or are the messages on the placards so chaotically worded as to be meaningless? I mean, because the thread is about the Phelps clan, by squinting hard I was able to imaginte some kind of anti-gay message lurking therein, but essentially they seem like the ravings of someone with an axe sticking in their head.
    Helen’s last blog post..Almost Famous

  6. There Site is quite astonishing – almost all amerikan god-botherers are RWDB, drum thumping, patriots. This lot have a simple creed, God hates everyone. Must be so comforting but why does their axe-cloven headed Leader think he’s an esception?
    They can’t be for real and yet the donations still flow. COuld it be a simple revenue earner like la Hanson’s Electoral Commission funding?

  7. The latest press release from the Phelps clan:

  8. These people are seriously deluded and poisonous. I am seriously thinking of saving up so that I can picket Fred Phelp’s funeral when the time comes. I know this makes me as bad as them, but the temptation is so strong.
    I hope Heath’s family sent a really strong F**k Off letter back.
    Mindy’s last blog post..Who Ate All the Piiies!

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