The Perils of Blogging #37291

If you blog from work, someone will find out unless you are scrupulously careful.

If your workplace is a political party and you use a photo that could only come from party sources, that is not being scrupulously careful. If your use of the photo sledges the leader of your parliamentary party, you will be for the high jump. (More from the Strayan)

That said, the temptation to use this picture for their blog (now made private) must have been nigh irresistible.

Anti Ted Baillieu blog - screenshot
Image Source: Herald Sun

Ted Baillieu pales in comparison to the roster of inept Liberal Party State leaders next to the WA’s Troy Buswell, and although he fits his budgie-smugglers nearly as neatly as the dearly departed Peter Debnam he fails to project quite the same sense of barely managed tic-suppression that gave Debnam such an electorally repellent demeanour of incipient rigor mortis. He looks almost electable at times.

Thank goodness he has dedicated staffers continuing the proud practise of imploding the Party from within.

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  1. If only those staffers knew. I don’t avoid the Liberal Party like the plague because of Ted Bailleu.
    I avoid them like the plague because of who he’s keeping company with. (And because I haven’t recovered from the Jeff years yet, let alone the Howard ones, and I couldn’t possibly have anything to do with a party that admitted Costello and his smirk, etc etc)
    If it’s any consolation to them, I don’t think very highly of the ALP either.

  2. Oh, this just keeps getting better: one of the sacked staffers has made public an email from last year’s election, where a Lib state campaign manager calls a Liberal candidate “a greedy f*ing Jew” for wanting more party campaign material.
    This party is made up of dregs and shavings.

  3. My brother commented yesterday he was thinking of offering himself to the WA Liberals as a leadership candidate. He figures he can start by offering the information that he doesn’t have a fetish for the furniture. Given my brother is thoroughly left leaning, a Commonwealth public servant, and built rather like a brick outhouse at his most slender (and currently isn’t at his most slender), as well as being currently involved in his Masters of Politics, that’s saying a lot. What’s even scarier is he’d probably be in with a chance!

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