Ice Queens

berg-thumbs Images from the Australian Antarctic Division’s online photo gallery from a 2006 exhibition: these are the Icebergs.

There are also galleries for:

* Animals

* Auroras

* Australians in Antarctica

* Colours of Antarctica

* Electron microscopy

* Ice patterns

* Moons and suns

* Sea ice

* Underwater

The AAD has a few other photo galleries to explore as well. Lots of good stuff for school projects.

h/t to Simon on a list-serv

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  1. Gorgeous photos! Also, very handy link, my 11 year old has an Antarctic project to do this term.

  2. I’m not quite sure where to find a source for this info, but on the listserv the following was mentioned:

    ”Does everyone know how the blue lines and jade areas form ? It’s what you get when normal ice-berg ice gets compressed by having lots more ice piled on top. The reason we’re seeing lots of it at the moment is that icebergs are breaking up and stuff that has been hundreds of feet down for centuries is coming to the surface.”

    I find it both extremely cool and more than a little alarming that we’re seeing ice that hasn’t seen sunlight for centuries.

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