Month: July 2008

Quick hit: Bitch Slap Movie

Continuing this week’s “WTF?” series, here’s the teaser trailer for Bitch Slap Movie“, scheduled for theatrical release around Christmastime. They’ve been promoting the movie this weekend at Comic Con. It’s all breasts, guns, and sexy, sexy violence. I guess this… Read More ›

Failing to Suspend My Disbelief

Lazy writers on long-running TV shows are giving me the stabbies quite often, but this particular one is still irritating me after a whole week, so it must be aired. When Dr Nikki Alexander, cool-calm-collected forensic scientist, realises that she’s… Read More ›

Friday Hoyden: Joy Nash

Ok, so this was *everywhere* last year. But some of the readers who’ve come aboard since then may not have seen it. The discussion today about oppressive beauty ideals and the resultant social insecurities that lead to immense profits for… Read More ›